There have been some complaints about the wiki and this has been going on for a while and others have tried to fix it but it just went in one ear and out the other after a while and I'm kinda bored of it here are some of the things I have heard or the opinions I have formulated:

The chat is boring

People don't take the concept of Psionics seriously

There is to much fluff on the pages 

Trolls are....trolling

Multiple accounts

People dissing and not taking the staff on here seriously

Alot of pointless arguing 

I'm gonna guess this isn't all the problems on here, don't get me wrong I really like this site there are alot of things that are in the right with this site but people here just filled it up with to many things to make it bad.

Come on guys can we just try to get this place to how it used to be and there was a time like that. When i just came to this site a young n00blet I was excited to see so much of what this site offered everything was right even when I made an account I expected only to be smart, fun and helpful people and there was.

I'm putting this up as something that will stick until we reach what we used to organized wiki with knowledgeable and fun helpful people so I don't want this to be brushed of after a week or 2 treat as if you were imporving on your abilities take it seriously which some of you don't but I undestand that but if you really care about what this place will be like to other wandering internet poeple and getting people to believe and embrace psionicsthen work for it, I hear you guys saying you don't like skeptics then fix this site bring them here and tell them to read it and weep. LETS FIX THIS WIKI UP!!!

-Trusty Pistol

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