Me and a couple of buddies in the chat thought it would be a good idea to instead of have kinesis in everything to instead put PK then in front of it so for example:

Pyrokinesis= PK: Fire/Flame/Blaze

PK: Earth/ Rock

PK: Water/Liquid

and for the more non elemental and not so mainstream kinesises

Umbrakinesis= PK: Shadow/ Shade

Optikinesis= PK: Illusion/ Pupil (illusion sounds cooler)

Cryokinesis= PK: Freeze/ Ice

Electrokinesis= PK:Thunder/ Lightning/ Shock

In a nutshell we would be adding the way cooler PK instead of finding an element looking for its greek name then adding kinesis in front of it.

But thats just me tell me what you think in the comments below 


Trusty Out!!!

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