As most of you know Gumball123 is back on the wiki and my time with him has given me the idea I am putting down.

Gumball says that this wiki needs more improvement mostly because of its abilities and techniques and the content people put on the site so I am gonna do something about it


this group will be a team of seven experienced psionics who will test the powers on this site that either me,the psiwiki staff or gumball123 see as fake they will test the abilities and report back to me and that will determine if they are fake.

This is for abilities that are debatable over realness or fakeness if it is obviously fake then the others will take care of that(if the obviously fake ones want to be tested that is ok you will follow the regular routine for testing)

there are no specific groups but there are some requirements:

1. You are an experienced or master psionic, if beginners want to be in the group they will have to be excluded.

2. You take this whole thing seriously if you know you aren't going to be on the job with this and arew being lazy either don't join or you will be kicked out.

3. DO NOT fake that you tested out an ability or tech the point of the testers is to prove abilities to be real or fake this goes with rule 1 and 2.

4.Even though its cool to take the initiative make sure you talk to me before testing an ablity or tech I will try and post things to keep you busy in this page or I will just make a mission assigning page



Leader: Torque007








Note: It would be really cool if some of the staff could help me with this because I know some of you take part in validating abilities and techs and if Gumball123 wants to help that would also be cool since he got me to think of this idea, just leave something on my message wall and also leave all questions in the comments or my message wall.


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