My time on this site and I hear no one say "OMG you did that with Telekinesis" or "Did you hear how (insert cool name here) did that with X- ray Vision". Yeh I never hear that all i hear is non funny junk and no good things I mean i can't do squat but if i could have something like biokinesis which is what im working on I would friggin troll on COD make everyone htink im a little kid or something and kill people like a boss or if i had Quantokinesis which is also what im working on i would have GOLD EVERYTHING (get the reference?) but i bet if you guys did anythnig cool with your powers i would love to hear it. It's just that everyone is so mature and serious about psionics and i know half of you are like 15-18 or whatever but loosen up a bit i mean im not sayin be like me (seriously don't) im saying tell me how you made gold everyhting or trolled the heck out of everyone on COD, im just tired of hearing no funny stories of our abitlities. I know you guys didn't think to do nuthing when you found these abilties but yeh tell me what you do with your powers in the comments below 


Im Trusty thnx for readin'

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