Recently i've been jotting up ideas for a book with some of you, so i'd just like to say what the plot is so far and some of the characters. Hopefully i can make it into a trilology. Also, for those of you who have helped it would be great if I could get your names to give credit to.

Ok so the main character is a girl, I havn't came up with a name yet but she has redish/brownish hair and green eyes. She is shy and doesn't like to be around people, because she fears that they will hurt her or betray her. She has a close bond with animals, and finds it much easier to have them as company. She "owns" a ferret(named Sheldon) and a llama(named Carol). I say "owns" because she believes that an animal or creature of any kind cannot be owned and are their free selves. She lives with her mother and little brother on a dairy farm, her father died fighting during a war. Her mother's name is Donna, her father's name was Kevin and her brother's name is Nigel. 

As a child, she naturally had the abilities Psychometry, telekinesis, telepathy and empathy. Whenever she touched something she would start screaming or thrashing around. Since birth there has been a "guardian angel" who would stand at her bed at night and talk to her when she felt down.

When she's eight she learns how to do other things, and by the age of 12 she knows how to use pyrokinesis, hydrokinesis, cyrokinesis, geokinesis, electrokinesis, aerokinesis, atmokinesis and agrokinesis.

At the age of 14, she has a moodswing that sends her pyrokinesis ability out of control, and burns down the majority of her house. She tries to tell the firemen and police that she accidentally started it using her mind, and they think that she's insane and call an assylum. She runs off with Sheldon & Carol, and the government gets involved. When they find out that she actually does hve these abilities, half of them want to use her as a weapon, and the other half want to have her as an ally.

This is all I have so far, ideas welcome :)

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