This is just what i've come up with for the book so far :/

Another dull day, you could see the morning dew all over the paddock. Mum sat on the porch smoking cannabis, just like every other morning since dad left. My brother, Nigel, screamed out for me to play another game of leap-frog with him. I was fourteen then, and he was only five. I looked out towards Nigel, who was racing the galloping horses. "When are you going to quit that weed?" Mum glanced at me, then replied with "When I die."

My hair was long, and had a strong shade or burgundy in it. I hadn't cut it for a year or so. A grey shirt hung itself on my right shoulder, and my jeans were tattered and one size too big.

Early afternoon, and you could smell dinner was almost ready. Sheldon, my ferret friend, popped his head up from his bed and looked over at me. "It's okay. Dinner's almost ready." I assured him, then he plumped his head back down. 

Thanks :) Ideas welcome

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