I have realized recently while looking through this wiki that there is not adequate discussion of the consequences of someone beginning to do psionics, so I have written my thoughts here. Perhaps some shorter text can address some problems on the Psionics page.

Before you decide that you want to delve into Psionics, you need to consider the consequences of doing so. You should think about the good and the bad consequences, and weigh them out before doing Psionics. One important thing you will need to decide when doing Psionics is how you will handle your information. Are you going to keep it a secret, and if so, how will you hide it? Are you going to tell it to people? Consider that there's a decent chance they will either be freaked out or think you're crazy. Another thing to consider is whether you will be doing any Magick at all. Magick simply requires knowledge and spells, and possibly materials for some things. You don't need focus or practice, which means you could easily create consequences that you didn't intend for. Black Magick and using Psionics for bad purposes will always have negative consequences, for yourself and others around you. You also need to consider exactly what you are going to see. Are you going to be doing anything possibly shocking to you, such as seeing a ghost? How will you handle this shock? Will this scare you for a long time? What about one of the worser scenarios that could occur with Psionics? I reccomend that even before you start training, you build courage. Try and get rid of fear from your life and look into any beliefs that you have that make you afraid. Fear is what many negative entities feed off of, and by having negative emotions frequently you will be putting out bad energy, which could attract bad things.