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i was thinking of making a course lately. But i didn't know what type of course. So i decided to teach some thing my teacher taught me (django)

I will be teaching the following:

  • About the elements ( Done )
  • How to awaken yourself [improves psionic abilities and manifestations]
  • energy manipulation
  • How i seal and how to break a seal
  • How to spar (properly aka how to make shields and how you should attack)
  • How I scan
  • About the third eye
  • The 3 principles of techniques (in the end you'll be able to create your own techniques for most things.) [Done]
  • Abit (not alot) about energy [done]
  • natural elements and yours
  • how to truly become one with an element (no it's not just feel that you are the element, that's connecting with it, there's a bit more (done)
  • Bi-location 
  • some power ups to boost your energy up



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Dr. Time



Fierce Deity63

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Green ram 

Trusty pistol






The due date is in a week from now. My current idea is probably either a big group pm [  chat hax ] or pms, becuase i noticed you guys are all on @ different times. Ex: green ram comes on when it's 12:00 am where i live. AISy at around 7:00 am where i live.

first blog with 50 comments :-D FIRST COURSE STARTS THIS SATURDAY

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