this is my first blog for Cryokinesis. this one might be abit long cause I'll share all of my progress.

JULY:originally when i started. i got use  to the cold but had to stop due to making a red Mark on my chest that burned when cold water touched it. basically because i had a temporary weakness for cold stuff.

AUGUST: i got back on my feet in cryokinesis. i learned to make an ice ball and minor ice blast.

SEPTEMBER-NOVEMBER: i trained electro and the four elements

DECEMBER -PRESENT i got back on my feet and didn't go down. i tried to get used to coldness mor  and more (success) and do better with my Ice balls,blasts and other ice techniques (still can do better) and im now trying to freeze water. i can make cold water abit colder and stay cold. warmer water cold and hot water a bit colder.

Vegeta8390 ; blogs;  Contributions    talk  22:37, April 24, 2013 (UTC) 

p.s training buddies. it's best if you do cryokinesis now and everytime u get the chance. :-P

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