Now to start.You should have a small animal for a genie pig(i recommend a lizard or a mouse). Visualize,see the blood running trough its body,feel the water in it.You must be very concentrated to perform this correctly.Be relaxed.You need to know how to move water which you don't see(so you need to know how to feel the water)!!!Now very carefully move the water in the muscle of the animals left foot to the left(be very careful so you don't harm the poor thing!).Try doing this until you have success or feel dizzy(this is not for people with weak hearts).Then try one of the other footsWhen you have success try make it walk by moving all other foots.From now i tell ya it may not work the first time but you'll have results the 2nd or 3rd try.When you feel "comfortable" with doing it with a rat (if you can say that) try doing it with a bigger animal.

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