Hey guys, Vegeta here and I just wanted to make a short and simple guide on how to do scanning. Not going to go into the advanced part of scanning, you might be able to teach yourself that if you get better, who knows. So to begin, first you're going to want to meditate for about 5 minutes. Now look at the person. Try to feel that the person is right next to you [ if this is on chat, you can try to feel that the person is right next to you and it would be good if you know how they look like so that you can easily visualize them next to you. ] Now what you wanna do is try to expand your concious around them. This is hard to explain but here's a sample. Meditate and feel your whole entire body. Feel that your concious is expanding around your body and further. You might actually feel some things that are around you, or sense when someone is coming, because you're expanding your concious. Try to open your eyes and see if something is actually there. Also try to feel the inside of the object, and how its energy is like. Try to do this when you are scanning someone. But if the said person just happens to be online and you can't do it, then do this. Meditate on the person and feel that you are going inside the person, feeling how they feel completely, as if you were doing empathy [ You might actually be able to hear what the person is thinking if you get advanced and train to do so.] Now try to feel how their energy feels, how they currently are. Do this to 5 different people until you can get all 5 of them completely acurate. After you get to this level, try to think of and find new ways and things to add to your scanning and try to improve your scanning more and more if you are intrested. 

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