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    Life Goes on

    December 29, 2013 by Verse7631

    have you ever been knocked out

    Stepped on 

    Nobody heard no matter how much your scream was loud

    I had , i lived that moment 

    And if you listen to me 

    Listen to the words i am saying

    You gonna know it



    I need to stand up and fight 

    The road of life 

    That road that you cant close your eyes 

    Never loose sight 

    Listen to what i say cause it is not a lie 

    This is life you never take it easy or lite 

    You will have a lot of moments the tear will drop 

    Your Life is like a picture full of people you will have to Crop 

    Dont worry it will teach you how to pick 

    But it is up to you to be really Slick 

    Trust me when i say it hard it is not just a click

    You will have to learn how to Forget 

    Or your Heart will turn from love giving to soreGet 

    Many pe…

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  • Verse7631


    December 29, 2013 by Verse7631

    I had you , you were between my arms 

    you were everything to me you always made me calm

    you were like an angle on earth 

    i would kill myself if you ever get harm 

    I never thought that i am gonna ever see you die 

    I never thought that i will ever reach the moment I'll     cry 

    I never thought that these words will ever come out so dry

    I never thought that i will ever will say Good Bye 

    With you i was ready to put wings on my back wings and Fly 

    I was ready to fight the whole Fucking word and never Lose Sight 

    What is my Mistake what i did Wrong 

    My tears are falling like a waterfall in this Song

    I never went so far my dreams were even not so High

    But here am i Standing in The Darkness 

    losing my self Losing my Conscious 

    I just wanted to spend all my life with you 


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