GoodBye (Verse)

I had you , you were between my arms 

you were everything to me you always made me calm

you were like an angle on earth 

i would kill myself if you ever get harm 

I never thought that i am gonna ever see you die 

I never thought that i will ever reach the moment I'll     cry 

I never thought that these words will ever come out so dry

I never thought that i will ever will say Good Bye 

With you i was ready to put wings on my back wings and Fly 

I was ready to fight the whole Fucking word and never Lose Sight 



What is my Mistake what i did Wrong 

My tears are falling like a waterfall in this Song

I never went so far my dreams were even not so High

But here am i Standing in The Darkness 

losing my self Losing my Conscious 

I just wanted to spend all my life with you 

but i guess all of that was too good to be true 

i guess i am the fool for acting like it is alright that it is cool 

words are flying out of my mouth i am  spitting this Verse 

but all this time i never realized that actually i am living in a curse 

every day i wake up and feel that there is something missing 

until last week i ve been asked  what do i want ? what is your dream ?

i stood their shocked not knowing it what does it mean ?????!

i found an answer and  said that i want to work for a company 

she said your dream is to work 

look at your life better you dont know what is worth 

it is just a skeam 

i sat all that night looking at the clock 

the questiong kept repeating in my mind none stop

Suddenly everything in me just Drop

I swear it was easier if i use the Glock 

my Pride my Power my Will just went Low 

I felt like my head is on Fire like it is gonna Blow 

but then it i Got The news that ........

that the person i love I am gonna lose 

it turned really Bad 

all my life is made of a drink of Scotch of sad 

sitting all day drinking Booze 

drinking it soo fast like it is just Juice 

maybe all the pain i will forget 

maybe all the sad i will forget 

that is why i started Drinking 

alll my life started with it sinking 

then i heard your Voice get up get up 

what happend to you, what's up 

Chris you are master you are the Verse 

go back to your life go previous 

go back to the moment when you want something it turns to a thirst 

go back to the guy gose to discover to surf 

stand up and get back fighting it will never get worse 

you are the king of the World King of the Universe 

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