have you ever been knocked out

Stepped on 

Nobody heard no matter how much your scream was loud

I had , i lived that moment 

And if you listen to me 

Listen to the words i am saying

You gonna know it



I need to stand up and fight 

The road of life 

That road that you cant close your eyes 

Never loose sight 

Listen to what i say cause it is not a lie 

This is life you never take it easy or lite 

You will have a lot of moments the tear will drop 

Your Life is like a picture full of people you will have to Crop 

Dont worry it will teach you how to pick 

But it is up to you to be really Slick 

Trust me when i say it hard it is not just a click

You will have to learn how to Forget 

Or your Heart will turn from love giving to soreGet 

Many people you will just have to let.

It is not ok to act Falling  

And mess with people feelings 

In life I was really Balling 

Dont take me wrong 

I had this moments

And i am just expressing my feelings through this song  

Dont worry i wont tooo long

In Life you have to live with the pain

Trust me when i say it is not easy

It made many people faint 

It made me go crazy and freaky 

But imagine the power you will gain 

My Rhymes will be as a blade 

That will cut through the enemies vain 

i will always be here i will never fade 

but i am just a person 

just one 

but imagine if we get together 

we will be the best for ever 

our enemies will be from many to non 

we will make them run 

I am out there just walking 

seeing many people talking 

all hiding 

every body have the key to their heart 

but why everybody is locking 

Everybody sees their pain 

everybody is hiding everything that is good 

making their own life really lame 

they should open their mind they really should 

I got to say something from my heart

I should've said it from the start 

but i hope it will give you the Spark 

When i see y'all Sad 

That make really Mad

I just lose it 

You should really be Glad 

and be happy from the things that you have 

Never wish the things you have to trun to something you had 

Cause this is  life

you only got one chance to do right

so stand up and fight 

you are a warrior 

in the road of life 

Road of Struggle 

The Road that you have to be Honest 

and never break something that you have Promised 

The road that walks in it only the Strongest 

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