All right, first ever blog, what will I talk about, Hmm

And oh yeah, please don't bring my hopes (and imagination) down with such comments as: That's impossible! ; Forget about it! ; and some others. You get the point. That'll be a spam for me (and some other people, maybe)

Okay, joking. I know what I'm going to do. Creating a city in astral plane, or if possible, my own dimension. So basically, Creating a city where psi users can (secretly or openly) go to when got bored, gone to sleep, or just run away from reality.

My idea is building it like SAO (for info look at ) or specifically Aincrad (look at It'll be hard, and i've never gone astral before. So, if there are any help I'd be grateful.

If there are ideas for the city, in the comment. And as mentioned before, hope breaker comments will be counted as spam.

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