This is probably the most boring, weirdest, most random, off-topic blog post ever.

But not that boring, weird, random or off-topic.

While this is probably all very "So?" to you...I felt like I had to do this. So...

Ok, you know that it took me 2 to 4 years to get the basics: Telepathy and Empathy, the abilities that come naturally to me, and came to me first, under control and mastered. Well, you sure know that now...but anyways, I discovered a lot of other abilities from then --> now, and I guess what's given me strength and stuff and inspired me to look for other abilities is...


Yeah, music.

There's always a song running in my head--not stuck in my head. This is more like, idk, a stereo. I can play/pause, turn the volum up and down, and just stop it. There's only always one song in my head, and I don't choose which one. I can force another into my head at will, but it will just leave after a few seconds. It doesn't work as well as when the song comes on naturally.

And yes, while the STOP feature is available, I next to never use it. When there's no song running it just feels empty. Blank. Gone. When there is a song running, I gather energy from it. It's as much as physical strength as it is mental strength, what I get from music. I drives me on (really) and it helps me concentrate on my abilities. I can really work my abilities better when I draw energy from my abilities. And other things too.

So yeah. That's what led me here. (Well, in more literal terms, Jason led me here. But you know what I mean.) Everyone has something that they focus on when they do their abilities, right, to help them? (I sure hope so...I think...idk...I do, I mean.) I focus on music to help me. There's no particular reason why. I'm not even aware that I'm doing it. I haven't been actually until recently, until I realized that I do--I always knew about the songs running through my head, I mean, I'm talking about abilities and music--but most of the time I'm not aware that I'm doing it.

So yeah. That's it....I just felt like this is important...

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