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What is about Chronoportation and Chronopathy?

This powers aren't on the wiki but i know very much about these two subabilitys from the Chronokinesis!

Chronoportation=Time Travel and Time Stopping

1.Wth time travelling you can only switch the time but not the place .

2.You can stop the time when you are a real master in this power (you need Chronokinesis to learn it) . When you using it you are the only who can move his body (and people with chronokinesis and chronoportation/chronopathy can move their body and people in which you want that they can move their bodys) and the other people are standing still.

Chronopathy=the power to view in the past and in the future.

1.You can see all from the past and from the future with this power , but only what happened/will happen at the place where you are.

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