I didn't come to the chat that often anymore, because I lost really interess into the wiki. It's not, that I hate the wiki, I just got the possibility to get an own laboratory to research for the energy type: "Psi", which is actually the two fluids: electric fluid(which is expansive) and the magnetic fluid(which is contractive)

Now after we set up all that stuff, I will be able to get the laboratory in september, this year. I'm really happy and never expected that to happen. It was really funny, interessting and I liked it to read through. Yes, there were negative aspects on this wiki, but still it was worth to be in there. I won't delete anything, don't worry. All information is still free accessible. However, the special documentations that I wanted to release will be not accessible by free and will be soon sold for 9,95$. Why? Easy. Because I need the money for my laboratory. Being working in the fraunhofer is great at all and I really like it there, but still a lot of money have to be paid for electricity, heater and all tha stuff.

Again, thank you to everyone. I had a really great time here, but it's time now to leave, since I won't be going to have that time anymore to chat or write articles in this wiki. For some that are interessed to talk with me, you go to "Psion Guild". There we talk about scientific theories and that stuff and I'm going to be active there sometimes, but not often, due the work in my upcoming laboratory. I'm also happy to see that some people are now researching and documenting here better than ever. Like I said already, this wiki is a must have for everyone who wants to learn psionics.

Goodbye, everyone.


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