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    1. Physical Conditions; As the raw matter begins to take shape, it will want to rush back 

    into the body. If you have any physical conditions, this will severally effect them and 

    could cause death, especially if your physical conditions are directly related to the lungs 

    or heart. As raw matter exists as space within space, before materializing it will effect 

    living organisms before effecting inanimate objects. This can be felt and seen as 

    dislocated muscles in the body. Though they can be immediately corrected, individuals 

    not in shape and not completely healthy should not try working with raw matter. 

    2. Electronics; The raw matter that materializes is done so and controlled by ones 

    thoughts. If too close to electronics, it will cause…

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    Soul Linking(Combo Tech)

    January 1, 2014 by Xcell

    Soul linking is what I call the art of taking your energy and temporarily merging it completely with another's. Giving you access to thoughts, memories and emotions and allowing you to force new ones.

    To do this one needs to be good at visualization, be able to see auras clearly, and be very good at basic energy manipulation. It would help to also be skilled at telepathy, empathy or any relating ability.(being a good multitasker will also help a lot)

    Simply clear your thoughts and focus on building up the energy around you. From a more powerful aura around your natural one and at the same time pay close attention to whoever's aura your linking. Now have your aura stay attached to you and what around whoever you are linking completely and try…

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