1. Physical Conditions; As the raw matter begins to take shape, it will want to rush back 

into the body. If you have any physical conditions, this will severally effect them and 

could cause death, especially if your physical conditions are directly related to the lungs 

or heart. As raw matter exists as space within space, before materializing it will effect 

living organisms before effecting inanimate objects. This can be felt and seen as 

dislocated muscles in the body. Though they can be immediately corrected, individuals 

not in shape and not completely healthy should not try working with raw matter. 

2. Electronics; The raw matter that materializes is done so and controlled by ones 

thoughts. If too close to electronics, it will cause electromagnetic disturbances and 

possibly fry the electronic device by means of a self generated EMP (Electro Magnetic 

Pulse). The raw matter will also effect humidity and moisture the most in the atmosphere 

around the area being effected and can cause water to accumulate as either rain drops, 

condensation, or both. Also, most electronics will generate a negative energy (static 

electricity) and this could cause damage to the body if this combines with the raw matter 

and enters the body. 

3. Fire; The temperature of the raw matter appears to either become extremely hot or 

extremely cold on it's own. Though the matter itself is driven to act according to 

emotions, it appears to be the outside temperature that it is magnifying so during warmer 

seasons, it is possible to accidentally cause a spontaneous fire. However, it will always be 

at whatever is the center of your attention, that which you are focusing upon, where you 

are looking. 

4. Mental Stability; As things happen in your surroundings, to yourself, and how you 

perceive and receive information, if you are weak minded then you could lose sight of 

what is real, causing your sanity to break

Letting The Flesh Sleep 

Next you'll need to practice a series of basic relaxation techniques designed to 

cross the human subject over into being hyper-dimensional (existing in both the third and 

fourth dimensions at the same time) or as I like to call it, achieving physical 


The following chart is used to describe different meditation styles. 

Extroverted or Introverted ? 

Extroverted: Using objects or symbols to guide the awareness in the 

desired direction; using candles, pictures, text, incense, music, or recorded 


Introverted: The elimination of all stimulation; using no light, no sound, 

no smell, no movement. 

Game or Non-Game ? 

Game: Behavioral sequences defined by roles, rules, rituals, goals, 

strategies, values, patterns, memory, and space-time locations. 

Non-Game: Any behavior not having game features; physiological 

reflexes, subconscious knowledge, spontaneous play, transcendent 


Sensory Deprivation is the best way to harness and expand ones own energy field. 

Mostly gathered from controlled sounds, their vibrations, and external temperatures while 

the motionless body maintains an artificial sleep state. This is a combination of both 

extroverted and introverted meditations but with the goal being introverted. You see, any 

sound you hear while asleep will be heard in your dream state, yet no sound at all will let 

your thoughts scatter and run wild. Listening to sounds, your brain wave patterns will 

match the sounds heard, and as the sounds progress and repeat, the sounds will clear the 

mind and train the mind to focus. 

Try mental exercises such as focusing on how your arms and hands feel while 

resting, after awhile change their positions, but keep focusing on their original positions 

to see if you can trick your mind into thinking they are where they are not. Then when 

you get better at this, try forgetting you have a body and feel yourself floating, or moving 

while you relax into Suspended Animation. 

Eight to Sixteen hours of sleep each day will become mandatory and until done 

every day for at least one month, results will not happen. You will learn to live in dreams.  DREAM STAGES   1. Being Able To Remember Nothing  2. Being Able To Remember Parts Of Your Dreams  3. Being Able To Remember All Details Of Your Dreams  4. Being Able To Know When You Are Dreaming  5. Being Able To Control Your Dreams  6. Being Able To Have Premonitions In Your Dreams  7. Being Able To Break Into Reality (O.B.E. Stages 8-15)  OUT OF BODY STAGES   8. Suspended Animation / No Memory Of Having One.  9. Dream Walking / Communication Through Dreams. 10. Remote Viewing / Sensory Projection 11. Lucid Dream Escape / Awakening Outside The Body. 12. Physical Displacement / Partially In The Body. 13. Voluntary Command / Having Conscious Control 14. Dual Out Of Body / Leaving Both Bodies 15. Spontaneous / During Physical Trauma   Every time you sleep, you leave your body! The best way I can explain this is by saying there are two realms in which we exist and take turns visiting. When we are awake we visit the physical with our physical body, and when we sleep we visit the other side. When we exist without a body on the other side, we exist as consciousness. Since we live to be awake and only think about things we do when we are awake, this is what causes us to dream. When you collect energy and focus more on this other side, you'll then start to form a second body you can use as a vehicle on this other side to tie yourself back into the physical in what most would call an in between state of existence, and finally when you achieve this vivid clarity and seek it more than waking life, you will have poltergeist like abilities in the waking at your control and at your command, given that you devote most of your life towards collecting the energy for it.   To Better explain how this transition happens, lets compare the physical body to a battery. After a day of running around, your body will start to give signs that you are getting sleepy. Such as; heavy eyelids, poor coordination, and inability to concentrate. Not only have you used all of your physical body's energy up, but you also placed your subconscious thoughts on everything you did in the physical realm. Your sleeping body is like a recharging battery. Yet you need your body's energy to use it for the O.B.E. Stages which I have termed as "Breaking Into Reality". This Energy is greatly needed to act as a bridge between our physical realm and the other side. Without this energy, we go directly to dreams, far from any connection with the physical realm.   First thing you need to do is to figure out when you are dreaming. Dreams are so real, it's this realism that tricks you into not being aware till you wake up. So to get around this, you'll need to condition your mind over the next few weeks to do random  45reality checks. Numbers and digits don't work in dreams because dreams are a reflection of your thoughts (only showing you what you want to see), so randomly look at a digital clock, look away, then look at it again to see if the digits are still the same. If the digits drastically changed, then you'll know you are dreaming. You may have noticed that no matter how crazy and bizarre your dreams are, you still go along with them. This is call "suspension of disbelief" and it happens because your thoughts are not focused on your thoughts, which is what you are doing when you look twice at a digital clock. Also, there are two types of Lucid Dreams (shown as 4 and 5 on the chart), the first is knowing but with no control and the other is having control. Lucid Dreams are extremely close to an O.B.E. and Lucid Dreams can at times also take on a dream state that resembles an O.B.E. while still being just a dream, but still it's very close, close enough to know the experience should get better with time. There is a dream inside a dream! When you are in a Lucid Dream, you must awaken to an OBE. It's tricky I know, but it can be done.   Remote Viewing is often mistaken for Lucid Dreaming, and in a way it's the Hypnagogic stage of being between a Lucid Dream and an OBE. However, it's usually just a purely visual experience and because of this you'll have access to see anything you ever saw or will ever see in the future, and possibly more. I haven't done this for a very long time, but when I was living in dreams while trying to have my first OBE, I induced this and many years later I lived what I saw.   What we all look like without a body is a small tiny sphere of light that resides in the center of our brain when we are awake. As we learn to slowly take control of our thoughts, there is a substance on the other side that we can shape and mold with our thoughts to create ghosts for us to travel around in. Upon doing so we are pulled out of our thought illusions we call dreams, and see the physical world from the perspective of a dead person trying to make contact with the living. This is possible because the substance we use on the other side, is the same substance that is responsible for creating matter and giving all matter it's mass.   Since time behaves differently beyond the physical, before breaking out of dreams it's very likely you'll accidentally have premonitions. Premonitions exist on two levels. The first still being in dreams which would be others walking into your dream to give you information (Dream Walking), and the other being Remote Viewing in which you will gather information through an actual experience from your future self. If not averted, it could be experienced as deja-vu in which you were already there and experienced it in full awareness. Since the most common of the two and the first to be experienced is on a dream level, this is where I put it on the chart, under dreams.   By sleeping on your back every night, you will eventually discover missing time. Not from sleeping, but from actually morphing though time while your body remains idle. This is what I call Suspended Animation (a type of O.B.E.). You'll notice a huge difference between sleeping and Suspended Animation. When sleeping you usually awaken several times and go back to sleep, changing positions, then finally waking slowly as if still tired, then remembering fragments of dreams. None of this will occur during Suspended Animation. Suspended Animation is when you lay down on your back, 46 close your eyes, then unconsciously open your eyes to find you are still in the exact same position. Only it's eight to sixteen hours later, you never had a dream, and the moment you close your eyes you are morphed to the time when you open your eyes so it's as if blinking and never losing consciousness.   A Suspended Animation O.B.E. is the first step towards Out Of Body Experiences. Likewise, for Suspended Animation to take effect, you must not be the slightest bit tired when laying down for it to happen. Upon closing your eyes, it will always happen in less than thirty minutes. So only try for one hour and if nothing happens, try again the next day and repeat till it happens.   Once you begin to have conscious out of body experiences, you will still be emerged in the thought illusions of dreams, but they will no longer be your dreams. This is what I call Dream Walking, when you visit the dreams of others or when they visit yours, and not all that visit you will be from the physical realm. Dream walking is not always a shared dream experience, but it can be. Dream Walking is also not restricted to time, as information being shared is often pre-knowledge of the one giving the information, and because this is not a conscious act, it will often occur with those you are closest to while both you and them are thinking of each other and unable to reach each other by any ordinary means of contact.   Remote Viewing (type of O.B.E.) can either be done when awake or when sleeping. It's the act of seeing through the eyes of another, usually seeing from your future self to have premonitions or seeing from another, or even creating a ghost to travel around and see things for you. This can be distinguished between dreams because in Remote Viewing there is no sound, nothing can be heard.   A Lucid Dream Escape (another type of O.B.E.) is the edge of your thought illusions, where you will go from a dream awareness to being a ghost floating around not far from your sleeping body. You won't see yourself leave your body because you will already be out of your body. The transition would happen by rejecting the dream state altogether. When the dream state is first rejected, it has to be repeatedly rejected a few times before the dream state dies. In most dreams we are in them doing something, yet these dreams will be more like watching from a window with no interaction other than talking to ourselves and not being interested in the dream. The dream will then vanish and another one will appear. After about three or four dream rejections, you will find yourself in pitch darkness. At this moment, make yourself open your eyes and you will be seeing from a ghost of yourself not far from your body.   Being outside of the body will cause you to collect and receive information from all of your body's senses at the same time you become fully conscious and aware outside of your body as you enter into your body while never losing a second of consciousness. As a result of this happening, you will then go into a Physical Displacement O.B.E. in which you are partially in the body. So as you start to operate your body and look around, you'll find yourself stuck in between both the third and fourth dimension, having  47complete control in both at once. This will last for about seventy-two hours before you completely settle back into your body again.   A Voluntary Command O.B.E. is when you have full control over O.B.E. experiences and can have them at will on a daily basis.   A Dual Out Of Body Experience is when you leave both bodies, or when you leave the body that left your body. For me to clarify this, let's look at a regular O.B.E. first. During a normal O.B.E. where you just leave your first body, and enter into your second body, you'll find physical space, and gravity are still present and working with your first bodies senses and brain functions. In a Dual Out Of Body Experience though, you loose all of this and become just a tiny sphere of light. You can do flips and never feel upside down, cause it is actually the brain from your first body that tells you when you are upside down, and this will no longer apply to you. It is at this moment you will find yourself in a sea of colorful spheres of light floating in a vast dark bottomless never ending space. Cause of the disconnection from the body it is not yet known how far one can travel and still return. Upon discovering this stage, I could not see where I had come from, and after about twenty seconds I returned immediately by thought, for fear I would not find my way back. It is in this stage that commas, full body possessions, and switching bodies with others are most likely possible. Seeing I have only done this once and have never read about anyone else doing this, I can only speculate till more testing can be done with others. The method I created to cause this to happen was, letting myself fall backwards onto a mattress, but before doing so, telling myself my body would fall but I would not and that I will never hit the mattress. The first few times my reflexes kicked in to catch myself and break the fall in which it did not work. However, upon my fourth or fifth try when I had no fear reflex, it worked.   A Spontaneous Out Of Body Experience is the most common type of O.B.E. and happens during physical trauma such as during an operation or from a quick movement of the body while the mind and feeling of the body remain idle and motionless or moving in another direction. Such examples would be vertigo, dizziness, and fainting.   Hypersomnia may occur during your O.B.E. attempts, but it is not expected or completely known as to why. For your first several months you will have lots of built up energy, but as time goes by, somehow the body adjusts to your dream states. It's possible other entities could be feeding on your energy, depleting it from you, but if so, then they will work as extensions of yourself expanding your knowledge in your dreams.  Hypersomnia: Disorder in which one has recurring episodes of excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS) and are compelled to nap repeatedly during the day while often experiencing prolonged sleep at night and have difficulty waking from long sleep, feeling tired and disoriented upon doing so. Other symptoms may include anxiety, increased irritation, decreased energy, restlessness, slow thinking, slow speech, loss of appetite, hallucinations, and memory difficulty. Some lose the ability to function in family, social, occupational or other settings. Quick Review For OBE Induction.  1. When attempting an OBE, the body must be an open circuit. Arms and legs shouldn't cross, neither should hands or feet touch. When sitting, back should be straight with feet flat on the floor. When laying down, you must be on your back facing upward.  2. Having an OBE must be the only thing on your mind, not movies you want to see, games you want to play, people you talk to day to day, not even what food you'll eat and when. Having an OBE must be the only thing on your mind, even if it takes 90 days.  3. An OBE will only work if you're not tired, this means you must spend more time asleep than awake. This will prevent you from ever being tired when trying to have one, and spending most of your time in sleep (and in mediation before and after sleep) will eventually eliminate any thoughts of daily physical activities from entering into your dreams because your only physical activity will be sleeping.  4. Every thought you think, will have an effect on your subconscious when you enter your dream state, and since the dream state is the obstacle here, you must always speak to yourself in a suggestive way, much like self affirmations or self hypnosis. Speak to yourself of what you will do, and what will happen. Never question and never doubt. Tell yourself you will see yourself leaving your body without ever dreaming.  5. Spend every waking moment practicing relaxation techniques by being aware of your entire body at all times, and letting different parts of your body fall asleep through out the days. Example: when driving, you only need one foot and one hand, the rest of the body can sleep. When sitting in a class room, you only need one hand, let the rest of your body sleep. When being completely motionless, muscles will naturally go to sleep. 6. When focusing on leaving the body, you must forget the body exists, or feel yourself moving as if the body doesn't exist. When awake through out the days, whenever you look at things, try doing the same thing, forgetting you have a body. Let your mind travel where your sight goes. If your attention gets turned back towards you, then you won't be able to leave the body or make anything happen around you.  7. Upon having a real OBE, after you return, try standing in the center of your room, be very still, and cause things to happen in the room simply by thought alone. It will be like poltergeist activity, but at your control. This happens because of two things. (1) Instead of wasting your day to day energy on being physical, you suppressed the energy and built it up as well as taught it to have a presence beyond the flesh. (2) You focused, trained, and disciplined the mind by existing mostly as thought with no interest in the physical world to distract you

Exercise: Cycle One: Stage One: Your Hands 

Time Needed: Ten Minutes or more daily. Three Weeks Before Next Exercise! 

Objects Needed: A flat surface such as a table or a desk! A watch or a clock, and a 

journal for taking notes! 

Sitting in the relaxed position, place both hands, palms down, upon the flat 

surface. If sitting in a chair at a table, keep back straight and both feet flat on the floor 

with space between your legs so they do not touch. Let your fingers curl in a relaxed 

position. Don't tense any muscles in your hands or in your arms, let your arms hang loose 

and limp. The only parts of your hands that should be touching the surface now should be 

your wrists and fingertips. This is the position I want you to sustain for the next ten 

minutes. Once you start counting the minutes you must not move your hands at all, 

neither should anything or anyone touch them during this exercise, a focused mind and 

attention to the exercise itself is not needed at all in order to attain results, so it shouldn't 

be difficult to complete. After the ten minutes is over, I want you to write down all of the 

different feelings that you felt in your hands. Using symbolism, describe in detail what 

you felt was happening to your hands. Then save your notes and repeat this exercise 

everyday for at least three weeks. 

Your body is always in constant motion, making little movements continuously, 

as if never content with any one position or posture. So when your body stops moving, 

you trick your mind into thinking it's time for your body to fall asleep. The goal is to 

sleep while your mind stays awake, and for your body to stay at least mostly asleep when 

awake. The exercise you just completed has re-programmed your body and should now 

start to sleep on it's own all the time. It is still highly suggested that you further your 

development of letting your body sleep while awake, as you will see later that this is 


Exercise: Cycle One: Stage Two: Your Body 

Time Needed: Eight Hours or more. For sleeping every night. Three Weeks Before Next 


Objects Needed: A bed or place with wide enough of a comfortable area to stretch out 

when laying down. 

The room should be dark or dimly lit. Make sure sunlight will not shine anywhere 

near your sleeping place. Your head should not be propped up by any pillows, but if you 

must then only use one pillow. Lay down so that you are laying on your back. Keep legs 

side by side, but not touching, with feet hanging off of bed (or if unable to hang feet off 

of bed, pointed downward, not straight up). Always remove your glasses when sleeping! 

Remaining fully dressed is optional, but make sure no loose jewelry is worn. However, 

shoes may only be worn when feet are hanging off of bed. Your arms may remain in any 

of three different poses, at your sides not touching you, above your head not touching you 

with elbows bent, or out and away from you with elbows bent. At all times your hands 

should remain open and relaxed with fingers naturally curled, and your fingers should 

never touch each other. Now close your eyes and keep your attention focused on two 

things, the way your body feels and the subtle movements you see with your eyes closed. 

Lose all sense of feeling and allow your mind to take over. Inside your mind you could be 

floating, drifting, flying, falling, or ascending. Let the subtle lights in the dark spiral into 

a tunnel and feel yourself moving through it. 

Self-Affirmation Thought Chant (Optional) 

I am clearing my mind of all thoughts 

I am flooding my mind with a sea of black 

my mind is blank 

I cannot think 

I am completely numb 

I am totally relaxed 

You must always keep a good posture when in the standing, sitting, or sleeping 

position. Never cross your arms or legs. Don't even let them touch. However, it is alright 

to let your hands rest on your legs when sitting, or your hands and arms to touch your 

sides when standing. When sleeping, always remain on your back. Following these 

simple rules will align your energy field, making you more balanced and centered for 

maximum supernatural performance. 

From the previous exercises, you'll notice your body going into Rigor Mortis as 

your limbs and joints become stiff. This is caused by the long periods of non-movement 

combined with slowing of your respiratory and circulatory systems in your body. This is 

expected and now that you are making progress, you are ready for the next exercise.  Exercise: Cycle One: Stage Three: Exertion  Time Needed: One Hour or more. Every day.  Objects Needed: Room enough to stand and move around.   Stand straight with arms stretched out at your sides. Arms can be bent however you want, but keep hands and fingers relaxed. Feet can be side by side or spread apart. Now turn your body from side to side repeatedly. Without moving your feet, see how far you can turn your body to your left, and then to your right. Now turn from side to side repeatedly. Keep all concentration on your hands, your waist, and your mind. Notice how the feelings build and change with your movement, how the air around you changes. Stretch all parts of your body that feel stiff. Roll your neck and wrists from time to time. Your body should over all stay asleep and become even more empowered. Combine simple relaxation techniques with other physical aerobic work outs, but keep moving so that your muscles begin to tighten and joints loosen. Focus mostly on toning the body, and losing any extra weight.   Your body must be fit, slim, and slender. You must stay in shape, toning the body regularly. This will keep you grounded, and you'll be capable of harnessing more energy. One does not need to be muscular, but must not have any extra weight.  Exercise: Cycle Two: Stage One: Your Energy  Time Needed: Four Hours or more. While awake every day. Three Weeks Before Next Exercise!  Objects Needed: A bed or place with wide enough of a comfortable area to stretch out when laying down. Also a blindfold, full ear headphones, fingerless gloves, and covers.  Audio Streams: (Open in iTunes or Winamp for Headphone Use)  iTunes: Download install iTunes, open "iTunes.exe", in the top iTunes menu click "Advanced", then click "Open Audio Stream", then insert a internet radio url address.  AUDIO STREAMS  The room should be dark or dimly lit. Make sure sunlight will not shine anywhere near your sleeping place. Your head should not be propped up by any pillows, but if you must then only use one pillow. Lay down so that you are laying on your back. Keep legs side by side, but not touching, with feet hanging off of bed (or if unable to hang feet off of bed, pointed downward, not straight up). Always remove your glasses when sleeping! Remaining fully dressed is optional, but make sure no loose jewelry is worn. However, shoes may only be worn when feet are hanging off of bed. Your arms may remain in any of three different poses, at your sides not touching you, above your head not touching you with elbows bent, or out and away from you with elbows bent. At all times your hands should remain open and relaxed with fingers naturally curled, and your fingerless gloves will help to keep your fingers from touching each other. The blindfold will keep any light from interfering with your subconscious brain patterns while the full ear headphones has two functions, to block out any outside sounds that would normally interfere with your subconscious brain patterns and to control your brain patterns so they match the music being heard.   When it comes to music for the sensory deprivation deep sleep and artificial sleep states, you'll want to find the best music for this, but do try anything you can find until you find the perfect music, as you will see this is mostly trial and error.  Things To Consider When Looking For Music  1. It shouldn't have any words, or at least none that can be understood 2. It should be instrumental and never ending, or run tracks together 3. It should build tension and anxiety, either becoming faster or more complex 4. It all has to flow and then repeat   The reason for no words or any words that could be understood is because they will distract the mind and insert thoughts. The reason it must never end or all run together is because any breaks in the music will cause a break in the minds concentration. The reason for inducing tension and anxiety by the music becoming faster or more complex, is to help with breaking your dream states as well as help induce mental states of awareness and also for attracting raw matter to you which you will later be able to use as extensions of your own self. The reason for all of the music to flow together and then repeat is so the mind is not able to subconsciously keep track of time while creating repetition in your thought patterns.   As the music plays, focus on one instrument or sound in the music. Then when it repeats, try shifting your attention to another instrument or sound in the music. As your body slowly falls asleep from lack of movement, keep telling yourself you'll be alert and conscious during the whole experience, and that you will leave your body. As you listen to the music, feel your body fall asleep, let your mind drift into the music as it forms shapes that move to the music, visualize the notes of the music with each musical note you hear, let it become you, vibrating inside you, as your body vanishes from your senses, and all you can feel is the music.  To help create the artificial sleep states and to better trick your mind into letting 

your body fall a sleep, practice slowing down your heart beat. This can be done by 

simulating breathing patterns that your body would do when sleeping. Your breaths will 

be slower, and deeper. While listening to the music, count your heart beats. Breathe in 

and count your heat beats as you do so, but breathe in slowly and for as long as you can. 

Then hold your breath for half of that count, followed by breathing out slowly for the 

same number of heart beats you breathed in for, then hold you breath again for half of 

that count. 

Breathing Patterns For Artificial Sleep States 

Example A 

1. Breathe In Slowly...... for 4 heart beats 

2. Hold Breath................ for 2 heart beats 

3. Breathe Out Slowly.... for 4 heart beats 

4. Hold Breath................ for 2 heart beats 

5. Repeat 

Example B 

1. Breathe In Slowly...... for 6 heart beats 

2. Hold Breath................ for 3 heart beats 

3. Breathe Out Slowly.... for 6 heart beats 

4. Hold Breath................ for 3 heart beats 

5. Repeat 

Example C 

1. Breathe In Slowly...... for 8 heart beats 

2. Hold Breath................ for 4 heart beats 

3. Breathe Out Slowly.... for 8 heart beats 

4. Hold Breath................ for 4 heart beats 

5. Repeat 

Example D 

1. Breathe In Slowly...... for 10 heart beats 

2. Hold Breath................ for 5 heart beats 

3. Breathe Out Slowly.... for 10 heart beats 

4. Hold Breath................ for 5 heart beats 

5. Repeat 

Example E 

1. Breathe In Slowly...... for 12 heart beats 

2. Hold Breath................ for 6 heart beats 

3. Breathe Out Slowly.... for 12 heart beats 

4. Hold Breath................ for 6 heart beats 

5. Repeat 

Example F 

1. Breathe In Slowly...... for 14 heart beats 

2. Hold Breath................ for 7 heart beats 

3. Breathe Out Slowly.... for 14 heart beats 

4. Hold Breath................ for 7 heart beats 

5. Repeat

When you experience flashing lights, you'll have triggered REM while awake and 

be capable of an OBE. As you experience body jolts, you'll be at the point of a conscious 

OBE as long as you have already had eight hours of sleep. Usually body jolts are when 

you need sleep and you can't stay awake, but when you are well rested they are caused by 

the opposite, your body trying to stay awake. Think of yourself and your body as 

magnets. If they are too close together, they will be drawn to each other and lock to each 

other. However, if they are far enough apart, then they will push away from each other 

and separate.  Exercise: Cycle Three: Stage One: Objects  Time Needed: One Hour or more daily. Three Weeks Before Next Exercise!  Objects Needed: A flat surface such as a table or a desk! An object such as a paper clip (must be small and be a solid metallic), A watch or a clock, and a journal for taking notes!   Sitting in the relaxed position, place both hands, palms down, upon the flat surface. If sitting in a chair at a table, keep back straight and both feet flat on the floor with space between your legs so they do not touch. Let your fingers curl in a relaxed position. Don't tense any muscles in your hands or in your arms, let your arms hang loose and limp. The only parts of your hands that should be touching the surface now should be your wrists and fingertips. The object should be laying on the table between your hands, while keeping hands at a distance from the object. As you focus and concentrate on the object, you must not move your hands at all, neither should anything or anyone touch them during this exercise. Keep your attention on the object, use your sight to study close details of the object, and use your thoughts to control the objects movement. It will most likely take several tries and a few hours each try before you see results. So take your time and don't rush it. As your attention on the object draws your body into higher levels of anxiety, you'll soon be completely unaware of your hands and body. This is a good sign, cause your energy is what will effect the object and as your sight shifts all the energy from your body to the object, your body will go numb and become stiff like a statue. Once you reach the extreme anxiety level, your body should still be very calm and relaxed, cause it's only when you try to move your body that you'll trigger the rapid heart beat and uncontrollable breathing. This is possibly due to moving your energy outside of your body and then condensing it, then the shift in your attention to your body probably is pulling it into you causing drastic changes in your body functions. So it is very important to forget about your body and to not draw any of your attention to it. As you stay focused on the object, you should slip into a day dream state making it difficult to keep track of time and difficult to hear any sounds around you. The energy should be passing through your arms, out of your hands, into the table, through the table, and into the object. Think of moving it, bending it, lifting it, or burning it. Remember, you are effecting the object in another dimension, but before it's physical counter part can be effected, the energy must be condensed to cause a physical change. This can only be done with precise concentration, so don't lose focus. Your thoughts should be only of the object, and nothing else.   Once you've seen results and are able to effect other objects, especially plastics, then try standing and holding out one hand reaching out to an object several feet away.  Adjusting   Becoming hyper-dimensional involves getting used to your new skin as well as the constant ability to feel in both the third and fourth dimensions. These sensations will vary from person to person, but here is a list from my personal notes for your reference.  NORMAL FEELINGS TO BE EXPECTED  Brushing Cobwebs Against Skin Chills Cold Air On Skin In The Heat Crawling Spiders On Skin Dry Mouth Dry Skin Electrical Muscle Pain Falling Heavy Dense Moisture Around Skin Heavy Dense Sand Around Body Heavy Dense Sand Around legs Heavy Weight Itching Light Headed Light Weight Loss Of Hunger Loss Of Muscle Movement Loss Of Thirst Loss Of Time Loss Of Total Memory Moving Forward When Being Still Moving Skin Over Muscle When Still Numbness Pressure Against Skin Pressure Around Skin Pressure Of Skin To Muscle And Muscle To Bone Pricking Needles On Skin Pulled Muscle Pulled Upward With An Upside Down Feeling Pulsating Heart Beat Through Entire Body Rapid Heart Beat Rapid Uncontrollable Breathing Shaking Sharp Animal Bite Sharp Needle Injection Slowed Heart Beat Slowed Movement With An Underwater feeling Soreness Of Muscle Static Around Skin Stiffness In Limbs Sweaty Skin Tingling Skin Touched By Invisible Hands Twitching Of Muscles Vibrating Force Through Entire Body Warm Air On Skin In The Cold Water Drops Rolling On Skin 

As you experience changes in your body, you will also experience changes in 

your surroundings. The primary change being that of your sight. Dark shadow clouds will 

begin to move in and out of your sight, around you in a pixilated darkening and then 

lighting transition, in the form of a beam sweeping across your vision like a wave, 

appearing as a shadow, only with a soft pulsating glow like a cloud with no depth, just 

simply translucent as an energy field. 

Anxiety is fundamental, as you will find it is an emotional subconscious response 

to two or more energies colliding in a materialized form of friction. In fact, during tests of 

effecting inanimate objects from a distance through raw matter manipulation, rapid 

breathing and rapid heart beats did not happen to me till my concentration and focus was 

broken in which half the body was discovered as being asleep when trying to stand up. At 

this time the rapid breathing and rapid heart beats began for a short amount of time as the 

matter rushed back into the body. Being locked in the fourth dimension, even when fully 

in the body, the body felt not to exist as strong winds and extreme heat continued to 

heavily radiate from the skin in all directions, but mostly from the hands and forehead. 

The winds could be felt where the body was, as if the body did not exist, so I instantly 

knew I was the only one that could feel them, but the heat that the winds produced could 

be felt by those that stood next to me. 


Mild: Slight discomfort. Enhanced ability to deal with stressor. Increased awareness, 

problem-solving abilities, perceptive field, and alertness as well the ability to see more 

connections between events. Sleeplessness. Curiosity, repetitive questioning. Constant 

attention seeking, belittling. Misunderstandings, idle hostility; restlessness, irritability. 

Increased attention on problem situation. 

Moderate: Moderate discomfort. Increased ability to concentrate, focus attention on 

problem situation; concentrate on sensory data relevant to problem, and verbalize; more 

alert. Narrowing of perceptual field, selective inattention, some ability to perceive and 

understand connections between events. Voice tremors, change in voice pitch. Increased 

respiratory rate, heart rate, and muscle tension. Shakiness. 

Severe: Tendency to dissociate anxious feelings from self; denial of existence of 

uncomfortable feelings to protect self. Range of perception greatly reduced; focus on 

small or scattered detail; in ability to see connections between events or details. Selective 

inattention, interference with effective functioning. Difficult and inappropriate 

verbalizations; inability to concentrate, purposeless activity; inability to learn. Sense of 

impending doom. Hyperventilation; tachycardia; frequency and urgency. Nausea. 

headache. dizziness. 

Extreme: Extreme discomfort. Unrealistic perception of situation. Distortion and 

enlargement of detail, disruption of perceptual field. Inability to speak, unintelligible 

communication. Vomiting, feeling of personality disintegration, immobility. 

Anxiety is a normal occurrence in the body and should never be treated with any 

medication. Regardless of the type of anxiety you have, they all share the same 

underlining principles and share the same characteristics and behave the same way. It is 

the densening and condensing of your energy field, the manifestation of it into physical form in connection with the people, things, and places around you. Failure to recognize 

this will only make it persist in an uncontrolled way that will worsen and cause problems.  Definitions (Just for you to know)Brainwashed: One that thinks inside of a box with limited thinking so that their attitudes 

and beliefs are re-enforced over a long period of time to either behave or rebel 

accordingly as set to their original programming. The programming is layered, so if they 

resist any new programming, they will always fall back to a previous program, clinging 

to it without any questioning of it. Programming is done through suggestion, repetition, 

conditioning, and imprinting by using their needs and desires against them through 

controlling their environment, education, and relationships while keeping them in a 

constant state of fear and stress. Using religion, torture, and drugs as alternative 

techniques while often inciting emotions of shame, guilt, depression, and anger to disturb 

and confuse them in the process. The illusion and lies of self-importance and greed are 

then rewards for the arrogant that blindly follow to create new generations of even more 

heavily brainwashed victims. 

Codependent Thought Process: When one depends upon their perception instead of 

questions and depend upon thoughts of the majority to decide everything for them instead 

of thinking for their self. 

Contaminant: One that defiles, pollutes, and contaminates their body. A smoker, 

drinker, overweight, drugged, or medicated individual incapable of thinking, as reflected 

by their choices and actions, and seeing how they are fully controlled by their thoughts, 

the weakest of all the weak minded, the most easily brainwashed of all the brainwashed, 

they are to never be trusted unless it's to trust them to be who they are. 

Cotton Candy Effect: The reversing of mass (which is an outward spiral flow) into an 

inward spiral flow, thickening mass as it condenses to become matter, mass taking on a 

physical form and causing physical effects. The basic principle used in the three stages of 

materialization, as well as creating vortexes for possible teleportation. Also known as 

"The Cloud". 

Cripple Effect: When the body absorbs extremely large amounts of raw mater from ice, 

snow, chilled water, or objects that are very cold in which the body experiences sever 

muscle contractions that dislocate and cause pulled muscles. 

Decoying: When one appears to be a free thinker, when actually they are just letting you 

think for them as they would anyone else. This is called decoying cause they will later 

reject any and all forms of free thought for the thought of majority, not acting on their 

own but out of peer-pressure for fear of what others will think and by repeating words 

and phrases spoken out of context while thrown around loosely as if misconceiving the 

original meaning if there ever was one.

Metaphysics: The branch of soon to be science concerned with the nature and properties 

of matter and energy beyond physical limitations and beyond what we can experience 

with our limited five senses, to explain things such as telekinesis, spontaneous 

combustion, levitation, invisibility, teleportation, and time travel. The true exploration of 

science pushing the boundaries of that which is yet to be fully explained and understood 

by ordinary common everyday science. Also referred to as a hidden secret occult science. 

Raw Matter: Mass existing without shape or form before becoming Matter, appears to 

be created from the energy of all other Matter, and at times causing these other pieces of 

Matter to slightly change as a side effect to their energy loss. Also referred to as; Astral 

Substance, Aura, Blue Blood, Chi, Dream Stuff, Ectoplasm, Emotional Body, Energy 

Field, Ghost, Life Force, Mind Stuff, Orgone, Reiki, Soul, Space Within Space, The 

Energy, The Force, and Vitality. 

Reflective Communication: When one only/always sees what they want to see, which is 

really a reflection of their own thoughts. The turning of a vague sentence or description 

into a personal meaning by misunderstanding the true meaning of the message being 

delivered. When one assumes their view is global without realizing everyone interprets 

everything differently, so as this progresses they are actually arguing with their self in a 

defensive confrontational approach to not be open, receiving, or accepting of any possible 

new information, or same information seen from a different perspective. 

Miscommunication that leads to arguments or heated debates that always start over a 

word before the meaning of the word can be established and views of it can be stated. A 

problem understanding the words one uses, and the different views from which others see 

them, including a huge problem in how they associate all words subconsciously and let 

them automatically take over their thoughts to immediately reject any questioning of 

them. A pattern of thought based on assumptions that runs rampant among the 

brainwashed, as they were never taught how to think, only what to think. 

Seeing The Mirror: Only seeing what is being reflected, as in the emotions people give 

off are usually seen as labels for what and how people are without knowing them or why 

they had such emotions. Emotions themselves being very reflective, and spilling over 

easily onto others and blindly changing us unless we are aware of what is happening. 

Suspension Of Disbelief: In a dream state when your thoughts are not focused on your 

thoughts, you will be mislead by your thoughts to always accept whatever reality isshown to you no matter how crazy and bizarre it may seem to be, unless we look at a 

digital clock twice (focusing our thoughts on our thoughts) breaking the pattern by seeing 

numbers and digits don't work in dreams because dreams are a reflection of our thoughts. 

Temptation Of Thought: Being occupied with food, work, companionship, knowledge, 

appearance, going places, socializing, interests, communicating, amusement, skills, and 

media. Constant thoughts that lead us into temptation, temptation away from our true 

selves, capturing us in a mental prison for our minds, lost in a physical world that we are 

tricked into giving our total unquestioned devotion to. As you slowly drop these habits of 

the physical world one by one, you won't have to find what you are looking for, because 

it will find you

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