Soul linking is what I call the art of taking your energy and temporarily merging it completely with another's. Giving you access to thoughts, memories and emotions and allowing you to force new ones.

To do this one needs to be good at visualization, be able to see auras clearly, and be very good at basic energy manipulation. It would help to also be skilled at telepathy, empathy or any relating ability.(being a good multitasker will also help a lot)

Simply clear your thoughts and focus on building up the energy around you. From a more powerful aura around your natural one and at the same time pay close attention to whoever's aura your linking. Now have your aura stay attached to you and what around whoever you are linking completely and try focus on the energies blending together. From here your ready to begin practicing.

Technique one: Thoughts. It's very easy. Simply ask your link a question while focusing on what they're thinking. Seems redundant but that's really it. If done correctly you should hear the answer in the back of your head before they say it. If the person is impulsive however and answers without really thinking about their response you may need to ask them a more elaborate question that would take a minute for them to gather a response this can be a great way to tell if someone is lying to you ^-^ however I've found for the lie detector it works best if you do this the first time you ask the question as in the future they will already have a response ready sometimes you can learn they are lying just by continuing to listen their head for a minute after the question however.

Please if you could have a small discussion on my comments as to if it would benefit humanity if I shared the rest of this technique I'm still unsure if the entire world is ready to be able to essentially control others minds as I've already abused this ability in the past (mostly for sex)

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