What has happened to this site (also this is the 2nd time i made this blog because one of the admins deleted it. Also proving my point.

The way this site has been run has been bad from the start. The way it is that the admins, pick and choose their favorites for who is mod, and admin. this is wrong. Everyone on the site should vote who is staff and who isnt. If we let the staff just choose who is going to be this site will die. Look at how the united states votes, for congress, and presidential. If the U.S. Gonverment just voted for them selfs think of how the U.S would be in. It would be in flames with riots and a ruined nation. That is how we should vote for stuff here. Like a election. Instead of the staff here only voting for more staff. This site is everyones. not just the staff's We all need to have a say in how this site goes. Not just them. This is why we as the people must step up and rise to get our words through.

Now Some of the staff here have also been driving people away. half of the staff on here is bad and they dont respect the users here. Rose had said rebecca called her a C*** and disrespected her. That is unacceptable! 

We must Unite We will succed. We will fight. Till our message is spread!

A message from jason on why rebecca was banned.

Jason - Copy

I have gotten word that horsy had drove yet another person away.

proof is in the screenshot. (also avin mentioned that she opted to get him banned, but still he was still drove away by horsyqueen. Also thanks avin for this new information!!)
Drove away

Recent screen shot: Rose has been drove away by rebecca aka horsy. Proof in the photo.

Quote by rose: "Bye guys tell horsy she can rest easy now knowing she drove me away"
Rose leaving,,


update!!! :Sean aka erosfan222 is now also leaving because of the mods torquil and Horsyqueen: 

Quote by sean: "and btw you can tell horsy and torquil i left cuz if them...I don't care anymore. Im done being noce and keeping my mouth shut"

Sean leaving

Spread the Word 2012-1

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