aka Daniel Fernandez

  • I live in Venezuela
  • I was born on August 15
  • My occupation is Activist
  • I am Male
  • Zeroxdan

    For ages, we have been told, in the form of religions, all about these beings with wisdom, who created us. 

    It must be true; yet, false. 

    Religions have a massive input in our society, same as with all these controls applied to us. For years, we follow rules and structures, to satisfy the status quo and forget our freedom, sold to entities like religions, clubs, governemts, sport teams, anything we can sell our freedom to.

    We choose this path, as it is the path of least resistance. The hardest path is to unite with all and recognize ourselves within everyone and everything, as it would require us to loosen our egos. And we won't like that. 

    My point with this post is to spark the doubt in your heads, regarding your freedom. Who do you give you…

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  • Zeroxdan

    I have been in this journey of understanding and testing my skills for years. I am no where near some, but I feel more advanced than others.

    Lately, my biggest asset is to Manifest things in reality. I read an article in this site regarding Manifestation, and thought: why not explain my views on the matter?

    Manifestation, at least in my case, works. I can't tell if it does to everyone, but the "Truth" is we are all the same, therefore we should all be able to manifest things.

    How does it work?

    It starts with thinking. And focusing on what you really want in life, or in that moment.

    It is highly effective in most cases, even if you don't notice. 

    It is a skill that backfires upon you, when you start thinking on things you don't want. 

    Therefore, o…

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