I have been in this journey of understanding and testing my skills for years. I am no where near some, but I feel more advanced than others.

Lately, my biggest asset is to Manifest things in reality. I read an article in this site regarding Manifestation, and thought: why not explain my views on the matter?

Manifestation, at least in my case, works. I can't tell if it does to everyone, but the "Truth" is we are all the same, therefore we should all be able to manifest things.

How does it work?

It starts with thinking. And focusing on what you really want in life, or in that moment.

It is highly effective in most cases, even if you don't notice. 

It is a skill that backfires upon you, when you start thinking on things you don't want. 

Therefore, one must always be very clear with what one has in mind, and always keep your mind free of harm and anger, as you can potentially damage someone, unintentionally.

I have had times where I didn't want to attend to a certain event, and "luckily" that day something happened, and the event was cancelled. I had times where I was running for the bus, and I missed it. But, when the next one comes, someone awaits for me there. That person has a message for me.

Sometimes it is not about getting our scripts followed precisely, but having our wishes satisfied; sometimes, in order to be satisfied, one must be unsatisfied by some event. 

Manifestation is a great tool, used by most people in the world, without them noticing. Even motivational coaches do this. It is not so complicated, just put your "mind" into it, literally.